June 29, 2009

Cinta Antara Benua

Ya, Cinta Antara Benua.

Meskipun cinta yang ini bukanlah cinta seluas benua manapun, tapi dalam versi yang lebih kecil atau lebih tepat digelar "Cinta Antara Pulau" aka "Cinta Laut China Selatan" tapi masih menuntut perjuangan dan pengorbanan yang amat tinggi!

Harganya terlalu mahal sehingga diri ini perlu berdikit-dikit membayarnya sampai ke Hujung Nyawa.

Siapa kata cinta itu tak perlu diongkos?!


June 26, 2009

Apa Tak Kena Dengan Hatimu?

Apa tak kena dengan hatimu, hinggakan aku dilayan seperti anak tiri kayaknya?

Apa tak kena dengan hatimu, hinggakan orang yang kusayang dikerah seperti khadam suruhan sedangkan yang lain dibiar bersantaian?

Apa tak kena dengan hatimu, hinggakan anak-anakku sering diperbandingkan dengan anak-anak lain?

Apa tak kena dengan hatimu, sering mencongak-congak dan mencari salah diriku?
Apa tak kena dengan hatimu, sering mencari-cari alasan untuk menyakiti hatiku?

Apa tak kena dengan hatimu, terlalu berkira dan menuntut dariku?
Apa tak kena dengan hatimu, terlalu iri terhadap diriku?

Apa tak kena dengan hatimu, penuh dengan rasa kebencian kepadaku?
Apa tak kena dengan hatimu, sungguh keterlaluan dan melampau batas?

Apa tak kena?
Apa tak kena?
Apa lagi yang tak kena???

Bersih dan sucikanlah hatimu itu
Segera insaf sebelum terlambat!

~Aidura Sofiee, 26062009~

June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Sayang

Happy Birthday Sayang,
Semoga membesar dengan akhlak dan budi pekerti yang mulia,
Menjadi khalifah Allah swt yang beriman dan bertakwa,
Beroleh kejayaan di dunia dan juga di akhirat sana, amiinnn.

June 18, 2009

The 20 Most Difficult People

The following is a list of the 19 most well-known types of difficult people and a mysterious 20th type - The Most Difficult Person of All.

Keep in mind, some difficult people fall into more than one category.
  1. The Gloom and Doomer
  2. The Intimidator
  3. The Energy Thief
  4. Mr Obnoxious
  5. The Criticizer
  6. The Judge
  7. The Trash Man
  8. The Persister
  9. The Moaner and Groaner
  10. The Moocher
  11. The Demander
  12. Touchy Touchy
  13. The Know-It-All
  14. Mr Bossy
  15. Mr Inward
  16. The Blabber
  17. The Activist
  18. The Excuse Machine
  19. The Kibitzer
  20. The Most Difficult Person of All
Question : Have I been wasting my time all these years trying to figure out why my mother-in-law is the way she is - always criticizing me - when i should have been trying to figure out why it bothers me so much?
Answer : My dear lady, the reason she criticizes you is because you didn't marry her son sooner! She'd been trying to get rid of him for years! After living with him for awhile, can't you see why she wanted to lose him earlier?
Seriously, the thing is that we have an inner criticizer who don't leave us alone. And because we listen to that voice inside us, we also listen to the person outside. We have to see clearly that this is the case. When we do see it fully, both criticizers will cease to have any effect on us. Who we really are has no connection with either one.
[Source : The How to Easily Handle Difficult People Handbook - Everything Problem People Don't Want You To Know by Murray Oxman]

June 09, 2009

Basic Reading Strategies

1) Intensive Reading
2) Scanning
  • Used when you look through reference material or directories to quickly find small pieces of information.
  • A skill that most people understand, but do not use nearly enough.
  • Many individuals could increase their reading speed simply by using index pages of books to find the information they want.
3) Skimming
  • When the index/contents page fails, then you will be forced to skim. To skim a book, you read it in the following order:
(3a) The Contents Page
(3b) The Conclusion/Introduction
(3c) For Each Relevant Chapter:
  • Summary
  • First paragraph
  • First and last sentence of other paragraphs
(3d) Intensively Read Key Information
  • By doing this, you can gain an overview of a book and from there you can decide if it is going to be useful.
4) Referencing
5) Searching
[Source: X-Treme Speed Reading by James Abela]
Nukilan Sofiee
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