July 09, 2010

Away from FB

I should get a very-very long vacation, away from FB.

Kinda thinking of doing this since i get an headache, sore throat and an heartache due to an unstable emotion dealing with certain irritating people in it!

Don't worry. They won't be looking for me here.

Since they're a kinda type of social human who love getting around people at the cyber and love playing online games... they rarely read any good books, let alone the heavy/non-fiction one or the blogging.

Even if they do read, they only luv manga or comic books kinda stuff. :P

So, i'll be doing juz fine right here and at GR-MY as well.

Wish me luck,  yea. ;)


  1. Setuju :) (kadang-kadang bila FB sudah tepu dengan mesej2 yang terlalu remeh, ia jadi hilang makna)

  2. baca buku lagi best :)

  3. aidura sofiee9/7/10 12:32

    @najibah, setuju sangat2. :D

    @gdiz, baca buku lagi sonok. hehehe.

  4. Anonymous13/7/10 09:33

    Hey! I read comics...

  5. aidura sofiee14/7/10 11:37

    u read variety of books, khairul.

    not only manga and comic stuff. ;P


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