June 09, 2009

Basic Reading Strategies

1) Intensive Reading
2) Scanning
  • Used when you look through reference material or directories to quickly find small pieces of information.
  • A skill that most people understand, but do not use nearly enough.
  • Many individuals could increase their reading speed simply by using index pages of books to find the information they want.
3) Skimming
  • When the index/contents page fails, then you will be forced to skim. To skim a book, you read it in the following order:
(3a) The Contents Page
(3b) The Conclusion/Introduction
(3c) For Each Relevant Chapter:
  • Summary
  • First paragraph
  • First and last sentence of other paragraphs
(3d) Intensively Read Key Information
  • By doing this, you can gain an overview of a book and from there you can decide if it is going to be useful.
4) Referencing
5) Searching
[Source: X-Treme Speed Reading by James Abela]

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