July 05, 2006

Bursa Saham Blog

Ini satu penemuan yang mengejutkan dan secara kebetulan saya menemuinya di internet sewaktu tengah "searching info" semalam...

Jangan tak caya! Blog pun ada bursa sahamnya gak... kehkehkeh [it's include your blog, pn. limau]

Let's check it out:


Nukilan Sofiee

URL : http://sofira.blogspot.com/
BSID # : 2991429
Valuation : B$6,544.55
Added : 09:17 20 Apr 2005
Status : Available to Trade.
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Incoming Links : 16
Outgoing Links : 0
Outgoing Link Value : B$6,644.55
Market Share : 0.00014 %
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Top 100 Incoming Links

This is a list of the most valuable incoming links at the time OTHER blogs are indexed. It is indicative of FUTURE value not CURRENT value.
1. words to me (B$688.57)
2. LoLLy (B$658.68)
3. TasTE Of LiFe (B$626.60)
4. Cantik Menarik Tertarik D'Bomb (B$550.00)
5. me01my (B$464.87)
6. Fir[Z]anah Amni (B$421.59)
7. words to me (B$366.67)
8. Inner Peace (B$364.31)
9. The Ups & Down of the journey... (B$360.34)

10. mailto:y@ti (B$338.81)
11. ....SIMPLe, SEMPOi & SLUMBEr (B$233.63)
12. Nash Wuz Here (B$229.18)
13. Happiness shared becomes double (B$151.42)
14. nasz (B$149.09)
15. Ke Dalam Diri....... (B$135.19)
16. wanita dan keluarga (B$119.51)
17. Somewhere under the rainbow..... (B$99.41)

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** Transactions in last 24 hours
*** Artefact Efficiency Level - Estimate of Hype/PRD Performance.

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