February 21, 2007

Power Juicer : A Review

Philips Juicer HR1861

Philips Juicer in anodised aluminium with patented micro-mesh filter, 700W motor, extra-large feeding tube, 2L pulp container, and stylish 1.5L juice jug. This Philips Juicer gives you all the juice without the fuss thanks to its patented micro-mesh filter and powerful 700W motor. The extra-large feeding tube easily takes whole fruits and vegetables, so you don`t have to peel, core, de-seed or chop first anymore. The versatile motor with two speeds can handle hard fruit as easily as soft fruit, and because the pulp container is so large, you can make more juice in one go.

Empress Power Juicer (600W)Code: R9320
One-Year Warranty

Fresh and Nutritious Juice in an Instant

The Empress Power Juicer is super efficient and so simple to use! The extra large feed chute lets you feed whole fruits and large chunks of vegetables into the juicer. Its powerful motor grinds at high speed, allowing you to enjoy the wholesome goodness of your ingredients in the form of delicious, nutritious pulp-free juice. Its specially designed micro-mesh filter extracts right to the last drop of juice, so virtually nothing goes to waste!

Power Juicer - By Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer, express fruit juice and pulp maker. The Power juicer creates delicious fruit or vegetable juice from whole fruit or vegetable. You put the fruit in from the top and the juice pours out from the nozzle, with all the pulp removed and collected in the pulp tray.

  • Rapid fresh fruit juice

  • Fruit smoothie recipes

  • Pulp recipes

  • Uses whole produce. NO WASTE.

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